Equipment Financing

Talk to Us About Your Equipment Financing Needs

Do you wonder where you’ll get the money you need to purchase equipment for your business? You don’t need to wonder any longer. Here at My Commercial Capital, we have an equipment financing program you can apply for if you need some help affording equipment.

Our Equipment Financing Programs

In addition to financing equipment, we also offer equipment leasing programs. These programs are convenient because they give you access to all types of equipment you need, but you don’t have to pay upfront for the equipment. Instead, you’ll make monthly payments throughout your lease period. Whether you want to finance equipment or lease or get a leasing package, there are various programs from which you can choose.

  • Sale and Lease Back: If you’re interested in getting money for the equipment you already have but you don’t want to lose access to it, our sale and lease back program is a good solution. You can temporarily sell your equipment to us in exchange for cash, then lease that same equipment from us. You’ll be the owner of the equipment at the end of the lease if you faithfully meet the lease terms.
  • Second Chance Programs: Don’t worry if you have a B, C, or D credit score. We can still help you finance or lease equipment through our second chance program.
  • Startup Programs: These programs are very generous to startup business owners and make it easy for them to qualify for equipment leasing and financing solutions.
  • Government and Municipal Programs: We don’t often guarantee approval for any of our financing programs, but this one is an exception. If you represent a library, federal government agency, or any other municipal or government entity, we guarantee approval to you.

Ready to take advantage of our equipment financing options? Reach out to us today.