Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Get the Commercial Property You Want with a Stated Income Real Estate Loan

Stated income commercial real estate loans use the property you want to purchase as collateral for financing. This helps business owners obtain real estate more easily than ever before. Now, you can reach your expansion goals and increase profits comfortably. At My Commercial Capital, we can approve your stated income loan in just 5-7 days.

How Can Purchasing Real Estate Help Your Business?

A growing company is a healthy company. When you increase your capabilities, generating revenue becomes easier. Here are some of the ways stated income commercial real estate financing can help:

  • Attractive store location:Retail stores need to create an attractive ambiance to appeal to today’s customers. Sometimes, this means remodeling an existing store location to bring it up to date. Our loans can also help you buy a beautiful store in an excellent spot for your clientele.
  • Large manufacturing area:For manufacturers, space is worth its weight in gold. Have you been wanting to add another production line but lacked the space? You can use a stated income commercial real estate loan to expand your existing warehouse or factory, or you can purchase a facility that fits your needs already.
  • Comfortable office space:Many other businesses can benefit from having a larger space as well, including sales businesses, healthcare, and dental practices, e-commerce companies, and others. We can help you get the space needed to increase the size of your team and offer more services to your clients.

These are just a few of the ways stated income financing can assist you in reaching business goals. There are virtually no limits to the type of properties you can purchase.

Leverage Commercial Real Estate for Capital

Does your business require liquid capital to purchase equipment or invest in another type of growth? Stated income loans can also provide you with working capital. Contact our team today to learn how.