Purchase Order Financing

Grow Your Business with Purchase Order Financing

The more working capital you have available, the healthier your company’s finances are. With plenty of capital on hand, it’s easier to manage the day-to-day operations of your business, from handling payroll on time to making lease payments for equipment. Purchase order financing from My Commercial Capital makes it easier than ever to save your working capital each month.

A Great Solution to Inventory Needs

One of the biggest expenses for many sales companies is inventory. Making large inventory purchases often requires having a significant amount of funds in savings and using your precious working capital. With purchase order financing, there’s another solution:

  • Get financing immediately for finished products
  • Complete customer orders without problems
  • Increase your revenue by extending your market
  • Serve a greater number of customers
  • Handle larger orders smoothly
  • Preserve working capital for other business essentials

The financing provided is based on your clients’ purchase orders. We send funds directly to suppliers and make sure delivery is prompt.

A Helpful Alternative for Many B2B Companies

There are many benefits to purchase order financing. It allows you to run your company without constantly worrying about inventory levels. Manufacturers can get financing for raw materials with this program as well.

To learn more about PO financing, contact our team at My Commercial Capital right away.