Search engine optimization is the practice of using certain phrases, links, and images on a website to get the page to appear higher in internet search results. SEO may also involve taking steps to increase the chances of a particular target audience seeing the web page. For example, a plant-based recipe blog might not only want to target vegans, but non-vegans who are looking for meatless Monday recipes, so they would phrase their recipes accordingly. Here are three SEO best practices for your business. 

1. Know Your Keywords

To rank higher in search results and get potential customers to see your website, you need to know what keywords and phrases people are using the most in their internet searches. This is so important to SEO best practices that Google has its keyword tool where you can view various keywords and the number of searches for those words on Google each month. This is a fantastic tool to use when writing content for your company’s web page. Sprinkle these high-yield keywords throughout your page in a way that does not seem obvious.

2. Consider Your Titles and Meta Description 

A meta description is a summary of a website and is often the first thing that viewers of your site will see, along with the title of the site. This happens before viewers even click on the link to visit the web page. Because of this, it is important to write a title and meta description that captures the attention of potential customers in just a few succinct words. A title and description that does not match up with the content of the website may cause people to lose trust in your company and turn them away from your web page.

3. Include Excellent Content

Particularly on mobile devices, which many people use today to view websites, space is limited to a small screen. This is why it is necessary to include only the best content on the limited web page space that you have. If your page is comprised of information that is important to viewers, then they will not mind scrolling farther to read longer articles or clicking on additional links within your webpage. In addition to including high-quality writing, SEO best practices entail only using images that are relevant to the website.

Consider these three SEO strategies to drive traffic to your company’s web page.