Are you considering a web redesign for your business? You’re in an enviable position; here’s a chance to put some strategies in place that will significantly move the needle. It’s an exciting and challenging time. It’s important to take a look at how the process and product of your design will affect your return on investment (ROI). Here are several key factors. 

1. Platform

The platform and content management system (CMS) you use is an extremely variable factor. For example, a custom site can cost anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars ( is an example of a bells-and-whistles site). The cost of hosting and domain registration is another variable; if you have a high level of traffic, hosting costs will be significantly more. 

2. Development

The development and design of a website can cost anywhere from free to the high five figures. When you select your developer or designer, make sure your current and projected revenue are in line with the amount of money you want to devote to this area. It’s extremely critical to have a well-designed and functioning site to get a healthy ROI. 

3. Maintenance

Once your web redesign is live, who’s going to maintain it? Possibly, you or someone else in-house will be able to make simple content changes. If that’s the case, you’re fortunate. Larger changes, though, will require outside professional assistance. Make some accurate projections about what you’ll require maintenance-wise, and include it as a line item. 

4. Traffic

The amount of online traffic your website receives will make a powerful impact on your bottom line. If many potential customers are swarming your site, you have a statistically greater chance of establishing a relationship with them. Also, your search engine optimization (SEO) will improve; your business will appear at the top of search results for key terms. Both of these things will boost your ROI. Along with a quality web developer, invest in the services of an SEO specialist, or learn how to evaluate your SEO yourself, using helpful resources like 

5. Lifespan

If your site is built to last, you’ll need a web redesign (and all the associated costs) less often. Through innovative trends might be tempting to try as you work on the site design, it’s a wise idea to adhere to best practices regarding platforms, plugins, and user experience (UX).

When initiating a web redesign, it’s important to consider ROI. Keep these factors in mind as you develop your strategy. 

Seek Expert Assistance

Creating and maintaining a top-tier website doesn’t have to cost an excessive amount. My Commercial Capital offers a variety of packages to meet your company’s needs. Even small businesses can get beautifully made sites that draw customers in. To learn what our experts can do for you, give us a call today.