Your customers’ shopping patterns change as technology changes. Your company’s marketing plan should also evolve. A successful digital marketing strategy uses multiple aspects of electronic technologies to communicate your message. Take the time to make sure that all of these components reflect your business plan. Here are some types of strategies you should be sure you are using effectively.


Your website is the core component of your online presence. This is your customer’s landing page, and most transactions are placed through this site. In addition to your product, history, and contact pages, your website should include blogs, videos, and testimonials. Your website should be current and easy to read.

Social Media Advertising

Develop a consistent social media strategy to attract your customers to your website and learn more about your company. You can post videos, blogs, or promotions through different social media outlets. Use this digital marketing tool to build brand awareness with your customers and prospects. The feel of your website and social media must be similar so that the transition between the two is seamless.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO involves identifying commonly searched keywords related to your company. When your customer enters those keywords, your website appears as a search result. Customers navigate to your dynamic content which then directs them to your website.

Pay Per Click Promotion

PPC advertising is a component of SEO. Your website or ad appears at the top of a search engine results page. When your customer clicks on the link, they are directed to your website, and you pay a fee. The fee is based on the frequency of keywords and where your link appears on the SERP.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a long-term SEO strategy that involves developing materials that increase brand awareness. These materials include videos, e-books, podcasts, and white papers. This strategy encourages you to nurture customers from lead generation to advocates for your company.

Email Promotion

A sound email marketing strategy gives you frequent contact with your customers and prospects via email. Make sure you are developing rich content to engage your customers. Personalize and time your e-mails for the most effective reach.

Many digital marketing components have built-in measurement tools to measure the success of the strategy. They also allow you to adapt your strategy in near real-time. Integrating any or all of these components can improve your online reputation and increase sales.

Seek Expert Assistance

Some advertising companies try to impress you with a bunch of tech jargon and big words that don’t mean a thing. At My Commercial Capital, we prefer to let the results speak for themselves. Like other small businesses, our main concern is to make our clients happy. We work hard, give you high-quality content, and produce digital marketing that has a great effect on your company’s online reputation.