Nonprofits need to put significant effort into their marketing activities because their operations often depend on their ability to generate monetary or in-kind donations from individual donors, foundations, and government grant sources. Marketing is particularly important for organizations that generate revenue from their operating activities. Educational institutions and affordable housing developers, for example, must often compete with the marketing initiatives of for-profit business entities. Here are some ways that nonprofits can effectively market their mission and services.

Create Outstanding Proprietary Content

People who are interested in contributing to nonprofits by making donations or volunteering their time will often start a directed search for opportunities online. Marketing for non-profit groups must reflect adequate attention to creating a conspicuous presence with high search engine visibility. Furthermore, people who learn about a nonprofit through its outreach activities need to be able to find information about it online which successfully demonstrates the scope of its work and its ability to use resources well. Good proprietary website content in addition to active social media participation conveys credibility and resourcefulness.

Enhance Online Presence on Third-Party Platforms

Marketing for non-profit organizations involves careful attention to nonproprietary content. The information that people find about nonprofits on third-party websites can play a big role in their overall perception of them. Marketers must put some time into developing organizations’ account profiles on nonprofit directories such as Idealist and VolunteerMatch. Likewise, nonproprietary content with links can augment initiatives to expand online outreach initiatives.   

Create Messaging That Resonates with People

Nonprofits which operate in service areas that do not have full public support must be particularly purposeful in their presentation of relevant information about their cause. Marketing for non-profit organizations should include an emphasis on more than one practical benefit of their work. Messaging that they can direct to several different interest groups helps them create awareness about multiple sides of complex issues such as housing, education, or medical care.

All nonprofits achieve their designation as charitable organizations by pursuing objectives that benefit the public. Nevertheless, the need for a nonprofit to address a specific unmet need or the practical utility of the work that it does may not be apparent to everyone. When nonprofits are creating marketing material, they need to present their mission and activities strategically. They cannot assume that the importance of their work or how they seek to advance it is within the realm of common knowledge. Marketing activities are nonprofits’ chance to both educate and persuade their target audiences.