Attorneys often find the majority of their clients through referrals. Even when this is true, they can still benefit from maintaining an online presence. Perhaps your firm could use guidance with online promotional efforts. Here are some marketing tips for lawyers with the potential to attract promising clients.

Include Calls to Action

It’s human nature to follow the path of least resistance. If someone’s on your website and contact information is difficult to find, that person is likely to go elsewhere to handle legal obligations. Contact forms make sending inquiries quick and easy. Incorporate them into every page of your site. If you send promotional emails, provide information on how to get in touch at the bottom of each one. Use language that encourages reaching out. Stress that there is no fee or obligation for consulting with a representative.

Create a Blog

When people face legal problems, they often search the internet for information about their situation before deciding on a lawyer. Have articles addressing relevant topics on your webpage, and those in need of assistance might wind up reading them. Individuals who find your words useful are more likely to solicit your services. Use search engine optimization practices to improve your Google ranking.

Get Involved with Charities

There’s no better press than earned media. Unlike traditional advertising, this type of exposure stems organically from your actions. By contributing to a worthwhile cause, interested outlets will naturally start singing your praises. When reporters come calling, request that links to your home page and social media accounts be a condition of your doing an interview. The charity you’re connecting with is likely to have a website. Ask if the association is willing to promote your services on account of your generosity. Besides the promotional aspect, it nourishes one’s soul to help those in need.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Many access the web from their phones, not high-end desktop computers. Smartphones don’t display websites the same as their PC counterparts. Smaller screens sometimes make navigation difficult. Limited memory might mean fancy plug-ins and sophisticated add-ons do not work. Your site should look great no matter how it’s accessed. Create a slimmed-down version of your domain that users are automatically sent to when browsing from less powerful devices.

The law is a competitive field. Thus, attorneys should use every promotional advantage at their disposal. These and other marketing tips for lawyers can make an enormous difference in whether they stand above the crowd.